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We are recognised by the RYA to run courses, up to and including Yachtmaster Offshore.

Langkawi Sailing School is the first and only RYA recognised school running Yachtmaster fastrack courses in Asia.

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Theory Courses

These courses which are done online in your own time are delivered by Navathome.com, an RYA recognised training centre specialising in online training. You are sent a course pack and log-in codes and you can get started. You get 6 months to complete the course. This can be extended by paying an admin fee if you need more time.

Practical Courses

These are sailing based courses which are done onboard one of our fleet of yachts and last for 5 days. The courses start on Sunday evening at 1900hrs.  They finish on Friday evening at 1700 hrs. Some of the courses will involve one-way sailing trips from starting and finishing in different ports.

Combo Courses

These are a combination of online theory and practical sailing based courses at a specific level (Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper) offering a discount when compared to purchasing them separately.

Fastrack Courses

These courses are combining theory and practical courses and vary in length.  They will take the participant through all the stages up to the selected level (Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster Offshore). The online theory needs to be completed before the sailing based practical.


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Competent Crew Practical Course

An ideal introduction to cruising.

Learn personal safety, seamanship and helmsmanship to the level required to be a useful member of crew of a cruising yacht.  The course will cover basic boat handling skills, sail handling, mooring and ropecraft.

Click here for syllabus

Price Code: PC5

Day Skipper Theory Course

The Day Skipper online theory course is ideal for those without any navigation experience but also for those who have been sailing for years but have not had any formal training.

The course takes approximately 40 hours to complete with an assessment of 2 parts (1.5 hours for each) taken in one sitting.

These include the construction, parts and equipment of a yacht and emergency and safety equipment and procedures (such as distress calls, use of flares, safety harness, life-jackets and life rafts).  You are taught the basics of coastal navigation and pilotage covering chart-work, position fixing, plotting a course to steer, weather forecasting, a knowledge of tides and the International Regulations for prevention of collision at sea.

There are two exams, one on navigation and the other a general paper covering, seamanship, meteorology and the collision regulations.  On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Day Skipper Shore based Certificate.

Click here for syllabus

Price Code: TC0

Day Skipper Practical Course

Day Skipper is intended for those who already have 5 days sea time including 4 hours night sailing, 100 miles logged and are at Competent Crew level.

The course aim is to teach pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling.  Competent to skipper a small cruising yacht safely by day in waters with which you are familiar.  The course builds on basic navigation and sailing skills and is aimed at those with little or no experience of skippering.  It assumes the level of theoretical knowledge which would be attained through the shorebased Day Skipper Theory course.

The attainment of the Day Skipper Practical Certificate qualifies the student for the issue of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

Click here for syllabus

Price Code: PC5

Day Skipper Theory/Practical Combo Course

This is for the sailor who has knowledge to Competent Crew level or has already gained the RYA Competent Crew Certificate.
Entry Requirement, 5 days at sea, 100 Miles logged.

The Day Skipper Online Theory Course will be followed by the 5 day Day Skipper Practical Course

See individual courses for full syllabus

Price Code: FC5

Day Skipper Fastrack

Day Skipper Theory Course and then Competent Crew Practical Course followed by the Day Skipper Practical Course.

See individual courses for syllabus.

Price Code: FC10

Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore Theory Course

RYA Day Skipper theory level is a requirement for this course. If you have some experience but no formal tuition, take the fastrack to RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore Theory fastrack course option.

It is an intensive course covering advanced navigation techniques including position fixing, course shaping and plotting, tidal knowledge, and use of almanacs, Admiralty publications and electronic position finding equipment.  Meteorology tuition includes the taking and interpretation of forecasts, plotting of weather systems and weather prediction using barometers and by observation.

You are shown how to use this information when planning and executing passage plans.  The international regulations for prevention of collisions at sea are dealt with in detail.  There are three exams, one each on navigation, meteorology, and collision regulations.

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore shore based certificate.

Click here for syllabus

Price Code: TC0

Coastal Skipper Practical Course

Coastal Skipper is for those with at least 300 miles logged, 8 night hours, some skippering experience and who are aiming to skipper a yacht on longer coastal and offshore passages by day and night.

The course concentrates on effective passage planning, day and night pilotage, yacht handling in confined spaces under power and sail, and boat handling in emergency situations.

Click here for syllabus

Price Code: PC5

Coastal Skipper Theory/Practical Combo Course

This is the Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore Online Theory Course followed by the 5 day Coastal Skipper Practical Course.

See individual courses for entry requirements and syllabus.

Price Code: FC5

Coastal Skipper Fastrack

This course is for experienced Day Skippers with at least two weeks sailing as Skipper.

The suggested minimum pre-course experience is 15 days at sea, including 5 days as skipper, with 300 logged miles which includes at least 4 night hours.

It consists of the Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore online Theory Course. Then 5 days at sea with revision and practice of skills learnt on Day Skipper course, and 5 days Coastal Skipper Practical course.

Price Code: FC10

Yachtmaster Offshore Exam Prep Course

Experienced skippers who require MCA/RYA Certification may join us for an intensive week of preparation leading to the Yachtmaster Offshore examination at the end of the course.  Pre-course requirements, 2500 miles logged, 5 passages over 60 miles including 2 as skipper, 2 overnight, and 50 days at sea.

Click here to read the exam preparation guide

Click here to read the Yachting Monthly article "How to pass your Yachtmaster exam" by Tom Cunliffe

Price Code: EP5

Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore Theory Fastrack Course

This course has been compiled for those with some theory and practical knowledge but no formal tuition.

Although it can be completed by a novice without any previous experience, it is not advised. The Day Skipper revision section of the course is self test and the time to complete it depends on your current level of knowledge. The Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore section of the course takes approximately 40-50 hours with a long assessment of 3 parts (IRPCS:1.5 hours, Passage Making A:1.5 hours and Passage Making B:2 hours). These can be taken in one sitting or as 3 separate papers.

See individual Courses for syllabus

Price Code: TC00

Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Fastrack

Day Skipper theory and Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore online Theory completed at home.

Yachtmaster Coastal Fastrack: 6 weeks training including Certificates

Price Code: FC40

Yachtmaster Offshore Fastrack: 15 weeks training including Certificates

Price Code: FC75

The Fastrack course is split into 2 modules.

Module One (Training Module)

The first module consists of formal training taking you through the RYA Cruising Scheme Training Programme to Coastal Skipper Practical level.

You will cover all the RYA Courses, Competent Crew to Coastal Skipper Practical.

RYA Certificates will be awarded for each Course.

This Module can be joined later if you are already an experienced RYA Day Skipper.

We advise anyone wishing to complete this Module who is not at this level to start at Week One.

Module Two (Experience and Mile building)

During this Module you will be in command of a yacht and crew under the supervision of an Instructor.
The Crew will be made up of a mixture of experience levels undergoing RYA training Courses and mile building sails.

For the Yachtmaster Offshore, the final week is the Yachtmaster Offshore Exam Prep week and is followed by your Yachtmaster Offshore Exam.

SRC (VHF) & First Aid one day courses will be arranged during the weekends for those that need them.

There will be options for Yachtmaster Ocean Training on successful completion of Yachtmaster Offshore.

Click here for more information on Yachtmaster Fastrack training

Click here to read the exam preparation guide

Click here to read the Yachting Monthly article "How to pass your Yachtmaster exam" by Tom Cunliffe

First Aid Course

These one-day courses will be arranged during the weekends for those that need them.

Price Code: FA1

SRC/VHF Course

This course can be done online using the RYA Interactive program. The Exam can be completed at Langkawi Sailing School when you come for your practical sailing course.

Click here for more information

Price Code: SC1