Your voyage to the prestigious Yachtmaster Certificate begins here,

Yachtmaster Fast track Courses, 15 weeks, 75 days onboard, 2500 Miles sailing, in Malaysia, and Thailand.

Yachtmaster Fastrack comes to SE Asia

Langkawi Sailing School is the first and only RYA recognised school running Yachtmaster Fastrack Courses in SE Asia.

Why not sail in some of the most unspoilt areas of the world while training for the ultimate goal of Yachtmaster

YACHTMASTER OFFSHORE FASTRACK 15 weeks training and exams

Includes online RYA Shorebased courses


These courses will take you all the way to Yachtmaster Offshore with options for Ocean Yachtmaster Training on successful completion.

YACHTMASTER COASTAL FASTRACK 6 weeks training including Certificates

Includes online RYA Shorebased courses

VHF/First Aid/Diesel Courses

These one day courses will be arranged during the weekends for those that need them.



RYA Yachtmaster Fastrack Sailing Courses in SE Asia

The Yachtmaster Fastrack course is split into 2 modules.
The first module consists of formal training taking you through the RYA syllabus to Coastal Skipper Practical level.

Module One (Training Module)

This part of the Fastrack Course takes you through the RYA Cruising Scheme Training Programme.
You will cover all the RYA Courses, Competent Crew to Coastal Skipper Practical. RYA Certificates will be awarded for each Course.
This Module can be joined later if you are already an experienced RYA Day Skipper.
We advise anyone wishing to complete this Module who is not at this level to start at Week One.

Module Two (Experience and Mile building)

During this Module you will be in command of a yacht and crew under the supervision of an Instructor.
The Crew will be made up of a mixture of experience levels undergoing RYA training Courses and mile building sails.

The final week is the Yachtmaster Prep week and is followed by your Yachtmaster Exam


updated Jan 2019